Why I’m Against Selling Established Personal Blogs

First let me be clear; I am not against selling web property, including blogs, what I am against is selling your own personal blog where you write about subjects you are fond of and make a little (or more) money out of it. This is the case of The WWW Observer which is for sale by its founder and posts’ author. Well he is selling the blog for his own reasons, which I am not going to discuss here. What I am going to discuss here are my own reasons why I wouldn’t take the step to sell it.

a) I would not sell my blog as it is very dear to me. I find a blog as a baby; first it is an idea in your mind, than you begin working on its implementation, than you suffer as it is growing up, then you are very happy when you see it growing bigger and making your life better. It is very related to you.

b) When you write a blog and establish it, you make a lot of friend-readers. You share thoughts together and write about each-other. You visit each-other’s blogs and have a nice commenting chat sometimes. Well, be prepared to lose those friends. If they do not mean much to you, it might be OK, but friends are always dear people and it can be painful to lose them.

c) You can make money out of your blog. When you sell your blog and get rid of it, you get something to reduce the pain for sure, a good sum of money perhaps – its selling price. At the same time, if you keep it, write less frequently, not having much time for it and keep your readers, you can yet make some money to justify the time you spend on it. This money in 12 months can be more than what you sell your blog for.

d) When I finished this article (without this paragraph) and decided to take the sixth advice of the Super Blogging Tips article 8 Ways to Write a High Quality Post about at least proofreading once a least, the article I chose to share with you at this week’s article of my weekly series 5 Articles a Week, I found this advice very helpful again. But this time I put proofreading off for later. As I was walking down the street and thinking of my draft article, a wonderful idea came to my mind. So you don’t have enough time to spend on your blog. Right? Than you can rent it for a while, can’t you? This while can be as long or short as you want. As for the renting terms I would suggest that it can be a share of revenue between the renter and the borrower, if this is the right term. Other conditions can be set, such as publishing frequency and topic nature. I find this a great way to spare time and still keep your blog up and running.

I consider this post to be subjective in nature. You might find it more emotional than argumentative, but I still can dare to share these thoughts with you. Drop a line, if you think I am wrong or in case you have something to add. Thanks for reading!