How to find a WordPress category ID

Many WordPress themes, especially those in magazine style, need to have some configurations in terms of category IDs in order to show things properly. They will often ask you for a Category ID in the theme option panel. And you might be wandering how on earth to find those IDs.

That is, in fact, a quite easy task – even though it might be a little tricky. This post is all about those IDs and how to find them in no time. Here we go:

  1. On your dashboard, under the Posts menu, click Categories;
  2. Keep the mouse over the category whose ID you need;
  3. Look at your browser’s status bar and you will see something like this in the shown URL: tag_ID=160all you need is the number.

How to find a WordPress category ID 1

So that you know, this is true for WordPress tags and other custom taxonomies you might be using in your site – the ID finding process is the same.

This is all for this time. I hope you enjoyed it. And good luck!