What I would take out of WordPress

This post was meant to be posted a long time ago and WordPress has come a long way since then. So much so that some of the points in this post are already done. But I’m still getting this out of the door.

Back then, I was listening to a WPTavern podcast with Kim Parsell, where she mentioned that WordPress was going to get slimmer on the coming releases. And she was right speaking from the future.

Here goes the list of stuff I thought and still think should go out of WordPress:

Links – aka Blogroll

This functionality has been in WordPress since day one and for a good reason. WordPress started as a blogging platform and it made sense to have a heady feature to share other blogs you read. However, since WordPress was shifting more and more into CMS grounds this feature was kind of pointless. On my 5 years of developing WordPress themes professionally, I’ve used them once or twice in a site. That is enough for me to take the feature out of of WordPress and turn it into a plugin instead.

And this is what really happend in WordPress 3.5.

AIM, Yahoo IM, Jabber / Google Talk on Profile page

Seems like these fields are there just to remind us of what used to trend back then in the instant messaging scene. I’ve never made use of those fields in my experience and on several occasions I’ve even needed to get rid of them. I now see themes around that deactivate them inĀ  the theme functions. I guess I said enough, so please kiss the goodbye.

If you want to get rid of them yourself, here it is how it’s done.

Press This

They say Press This is:

…bookmarklet: a little app that runs in your browser and lets you grab bits of the web.

You drag it into the Bookmarks toolbar … but wait, I don’t even have Bookmarks toolbar active on my browser. Thus, I find this totally useless and I’d want to see it out of WordPress core. I’d be more than happy to hear from someone that makes use of them.


This used to be some Google powered optimization to the browser or the system where the browser was installed. It has been removed since WordPress 3.0, but it is in this list ofjust because I compiled it before that version. We’re good here.

Here goes my list. Please share with me what you want to see out of WordPress or what you used to want to see removed in the past. Thanks for your time.