WordPress Debug Log

Debug WordPress Like a PRO

If you build or maintain WordPress websites, sooner or later you will run into issues. There are many ways to go about debugging in WordPress, but there it is how the professionals do it. Activate debug log Turning on debug mode and displaying the errors on frontend is one ugly business. It’s neither easy to …

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Check If Post Slug Exists

In the rare cases when you need to check if a post exists by slug, here goes a function to handle that. Note that the slug in WordPress is internally referred as post_name. Include the function below in your WordPress project. You can add it to your functions.php file in your theme or any file …

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wordpress custom field example

Overwrite Default Post Permalinks

Every WordPress post has a permalink by default. The permalink is displayed, as expected, by the the_permalink() function. In some cases, we might need to enforce another URL to a post as its permalink, be it another link within the site or an external URL. We can provide the custom URL through a custom field …

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How to Get Post Slug in WordPress

The post slug is the part of the URL of a post or page at the last section. E.g.: Page: https://wplancer.com/about/Post: https://wplancer.com/2015/09/post-slug-here/ There are two ways to get the slug in WordPress inside the loop. The first way is to access the $post object that is available inside the loop. The second way is to …

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svn or subversion

Introduction to Subversion

On my previous post I wrote about installing and configuring Git because I’m really a Git guy, but I have this client now that prefers SVN, short of Subversion version control system, so I had to learn it too. In this post I’m going to introduce you to SVN and how to get it to …

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How to Install and Configure Git on Ubuntu 1

How to Install and Configure Git on Ubuntu

If you develop websites, like me, or write software of any kind, you should be using a version control system, and Git seems to lead the herd and I personally use it and I recommend it to anybody. This little tutorial is going to teach you how to set up Git on a computer running Ubuntu.