What has been going on at WPlancer

Long time, no word. That’s pretty lame, I know. Especially of you are trying to build an audience around your blog. But as you may have noticed, I’m coming back to it. So, let’s get into the details right away.

Little has been happening on this blog for the last year and a half, but a lot has been going on the backstage.

The main reason I’ve been reluctant to publish new stuff is mainly because I’ve been pretty busy. WPlancer.Com turned into such a great site for me that it kept bringing prospects at my door until I got so busy that blogging became something I never found time for. But deep down I knew I had to get back to it. And finally it seems I could.

Client Work

Consulting work had been great. I’ve had a steady workload and have made a couple of great partners. But my time management abilities have not been on the same height. Sometimes I’d miss deadlines and get stressed to finish everything on time. But I’m on a self-improvement quest all the time and have managed to pull myself together and plant my work better and have a work – life balance that works.

New Office

I’ve had an office space for a long time now, but I still enjoyed working from home and I did so most of the time. But enough is enough – I kicked myself out of home and into the office so that I could have a more balanced life. I love working from an office space but I still miss the working-from-home relaxed experience and I stay there once in a while.


After several attempts to get into the premium themes business, I started a partnership with a great guy from Sweden – Sven and built MonsterThemes, the premium themes shop with him. It has been a great experience this far and I intend to write on this more extensively soon.

PHP Framework(s)

I’ve been involved in the development of a new PHP framework, for fun and profit. Even though I’ve not been able to write much code until now, I love the thing and the experience. I’ve also been looking into Laravel, another PHP Framework, and have been building some cool stuff with it.

Professional Development

I have been constantly trying to improve my skills and expand my skill-set and I’ve successfully done so on several directions. I taught myself Git and I cannot believe how I did it before without it. I love jQuery and find it great to develop in it, but I thought I’d go a bit deeper and teach myself good old JavaScript. And I’m now confident in PHP object oriented programming. I use the terminal all the time now and have taught myself some Bash, which I find a great asset to have available. But WordPress remains my gem.

Personal Life

2011 was not a very nice year to me. My dear sister had a very harsh head operation, my wise father passed away, and one of my brother’s family was almost torn in pieces. But expect losing my father, the rest is back to normal now thankfully. 2012 has been quite a good year. I moved in with my beautiful fiancée on our own apartment and are finally finishing furnishing it.

I guess I said it all, wanting to keep the length of this post under control. But more is coming and, trust me, it’s going to be good – so you better subscribe below.

Until next time, I’m Baki and I’m signing off.