Freelancer’s Great Sales Proposal

As a freelancer you have always to write a sales proposal or at least emails that are a sales proposal in nature. What do you mention on your proposal? How do you explain your product or service to your prospect? How do you present yourself to your prospect? These are crucial questions that Miles Burke has answered on a blog post at SitePoint Blogs. I love that article and I am going to read that time and again for sure. The most significant thing I learned reading that article was this:

Sell benefits, not products. You may have a great content management system, email gateway, or other product, but talk about the benefits of these, not the product features.

Also, another great point to mention is this:

Conclude the proposal with a call to action. Don’t just end it with a price for the job. State what the terms are, and make it easy for the prospect to action the starting process. For example: “Send this page back, signed and dated, and we can commence immediately” is far better than a dollar figure on the last line.

Go to SitePoint and read full article. If you love it too, please let me know through a comment on my blog. Thanks ang good reading!