How to Become a WordPress Freelancer

In the coming weeks and months will be transforming itself. From its humble beginnings as a Professional WordPress Freelancer’s showcase, the site will become the singular source of information on WordPress Freelancing on the Web. I have joined Baki (aka Banago) as a co-author and will be bringing you articles on how find your niche in the wonderful independent world of Freelancing.

Some things that you can look forward to:

Setting up shop as a Freelancer – How to have your own humble beginnings!

  • Finding your niche in the world. You might have expertise on a certain subject or a special talent that is hard to find. We’ll show you how to take advantage of that as a Freelancer.
  • Technical How-to’s. Even though WordPress is becoming an increasingly powerful CMS (Content Management System) it can also be quite technical. With articles and step-by-step tutorials we will be able to walk you through even the toughest of tasks.
  • WordPress Themes. Our team will also be bringing you customizable themes for you to work with so you don’t always have to start from scratch as well as Premium themes ready to deploy for that time-pressed client.
  • Much much more! We are open for suggestions and always welcome constructive criticism to make this the best WordPress Freelancing resource on the web.

To start things off though, we would like to tell you the simplest way to get started with WordPress is: JUST GET STARTED! The easiest way to begin your career as a freelancer is to just begin. By that we mean, get yourself a project, ANYTHING! Find yourself a friend in dire need of a decent website, offer to help him or her for a small fee (or even free of charge!) and then set him up with WordPress and a suitable theme and Ey Presto! You’re a Freelancer!

If you can’t find a friend with that sort of need then just create a need. Create your own WordPress site. Now there’s no need to go crazy and rush out and buy the most expensive hosting and a professionally designed theme. You can check out some WordPress hosting reviews to find an inexpensive but reliable service for you. Than set yourself up and get familiarised with the system if you aren’t already. Start writing about your specific niche and circulate your site around your interest groups. When someone asks who did your site, proudly proclaim that you did it yourself and that you’d be happy to do theirs.

It is actually quite simple to become a WordPress Freelancer, or any Freelancer for that matter! You just have to get started and get yourself noticed. Are you going to be able to charge hundreds of dollars per hour right away? No. But you will definitely get yourself on the path towards your goal, whether that is to be a full-time pro Freelancer or just some extra cash on the side.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you here!