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Advice from Steve Jobs

I came across this wonderful video where Steve Jobs is delivering his commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005. In this talk he gives out three pieces stunningly simple yet great advice by telling three stories from his life and this stories are about getting fired from Apple in 1985, life & death. Don’t miss it!

For you who do not know Steve Jobs, he was born on February 24, 1955, he is the co-founder and actual CEO of Apple Inc. He was the founder of NeXT Inc. and the former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios.

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How to Become a WordPress Freelancer

In the coming weeks and months will be transforming itself. From its humble beginnings as a Professional WordPress Freelancer’s showcase, the site will become the singular source of information on WordPress Freelancing on the Web. I have joined Baki (aka Banago) as a co-author and will be bringing you articles on how find your niche in the wonderful independent world of Freelancing.

Some things that you can look forward to:

Setting up shop as a Freelancer – How to have your own humble beginnings!

  • Finding your niche in the world. You might have expertise on a certain subject or a special talent that is hard to find. We’ll show you how to take advantage of that as a Freelancer.
  • Technical How-to’s. Even though WordPress is becoming an increasingly powerful CMS (Content Management System) it can also be quite technical. With articles and step-by-step tutorials we will be able to walk you through even the toughest of tasks.
  • WordPress Themes. Our team will also be bringing you customizable themes for you to work with so you don’t always have to start from scratch as well as Premium themes ready to deploy for that time-pressed client.
  • Much much more! We are open for suggestions and always welcome constructive criticism to make this the best WordPress Freelancing resource on the web.

To start things off though, we would like to tell you the simplest way to get started with WordPress is: JUST GET STARTED! The easiest way to begin your career as a freelancer is to just begin. By that we mean, get yourself a project, ANYTHING! Find yourself a friend in dire need of a decent website, offer to help him or her for a small fee (or even free of charge!) and then set him up with WordPress and a suitable theme and Ey Presto! You’re a Freelancer!

If you can’t find a friend with that sort of need then just create a need. Create your own WordPress site. Now there’s no need to go crazy and rush out and buy the most expensive hosting and a professionally designed theme. You can check out some WordPress hosting reviews to find an inexpensive but reliable service for you. Than set yourself up and get familiarised with the system if you aren’t already. Start writing about your specific niche and circulate your site around your interest groups. When someone asks who did your site, proudly proclaim that you did it yourself and that you’d be happy to do theirs.

It is actually quite simple to become a WordPress Freelancer, or any Freelancer for that matter! You just have to get started and get yourself noticed. Are you going to be able to charge hundreds of dollars per hour right away? No. But you will definitely get yourself on the path towards your goal, whether that is to be a full-time pro Freelancer or just some extra cash on the side.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you here!

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Another Freelance Web Design Nightmare

Design by committee leads to design on the fly

Paul Boag has posted recently at Smashing Magazine a great article about corporate website problems entitled 10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Websites. Actually the whole article is great.  Yet point number 8 got most of my attention and empathy – it deals with corporate website design. If you are a freelance web designer, like me, you have propably gone through that situation.  I have gone several times through that and I have  a very recent case of mine in which I had to recode the site five times because the partners of my client couldn’t make up thier mind. I have brought that section below for you:

8. Design By Committee Brings Death

The ultimate symbol of a large organization’s approach to website management is the committee. A committee is often formed to tackle the website because internal politics demand that everybody has a say and all considerations be taken into account. To say that all committees are a bad idea is naive, and to suggest that a large corporate website could be developed without consultation is fanciful. However, when it comes to design, committees are often the kiss of death.

Design by committee leads to design on the fly

Design by committee leads to design on the fly

Design is subjective. The way we respond to a design can be influenced by culture, gender, age, childhood experience and even physical conditions (such as color blindness). What one person considers great design could be hated by another. This is why it is so important that design decisions be informed by user testing rather than personal experience. Unfortunately, this approach is rarely taken when a committee is involved in design decisions.

Instead, designing by committee becomes about compromise. Because committee members have different opinions about the design, they look for ways to find common ground. One person hates the blue color scheme, while another loves it. This leads to designing on the fly, with the committee instructing the designer to “try a different blue” in the hopes of finding middle ground. Unfortunately, this leads only to bland design that neither appeals to nor excites anyone.

I hope you loved this realistic piece of writing about corporate web design. To enjoy the whole article read more at Smashing Magazine.

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Motivational Sales Skills Speech of Warren Greshes

I came across this great video of  Warren Greshes talking very motivationally about selling skills. I wanted to share this with you and I’m sure you’re going to love it the same way I did. Watch the video, you won’t regret it. To learn more about Warren Greshes, just read below this video.

Warren Greshes is one of the Most Riveting Motivational Speakers in the Business. It’s been said about Warren Greshes that his presentations elevate a keynote speech to a form of performance art. Sharpened on the grindstone of New York’s cut-throat garment industry, where he spent 10 years as a national sales manager, his street-smart sales instinct combine with an electrifying style for a session you won’t soon forget.

As an expert in the area of sales motivation and personal and professional development, Warren has addressed corporate and association audiences all over the world. His corporate clients include: Bridgestone/Firestone, Hewlett Packard, Monsanto and Coca Cola. Warren has also spoken in front of some of the largest and most prestigious organizations in the world, including The Million Dollar Round Table, the National Association of Realtors and Sales and Marketing Executives International. International audiences find that his practical “real world” solutions and views on the global economy are right on the money.

the-best-damn-sales-book-ever-16-rock-solid-rules-to-achieving-successHis positive and pragmatic message has given thousands the power to overcome obstacles and “conquer the world.” His unique, action-oriented style and customized messages consistently earn him high praise from his clients. Warren hosts a weekly radio show, “Success Talk:  So, What’s Stopping You?” heard throughout the world on the World Talk Radio Network. In addition, he has produced audio and video programs in the areas of sales, success and customer service, including the award-winning “Supercharged Selling: The Power to be the Best,” and in early 2006 John Wiley & Sons Publishers will release his first book, “The Best Damn Sales Book Ever: 16 Rock-Solid Rules to Achieving Success!” Warren has served on the board of directors of the National Speakers Association, and in 1998 was awarded their highest designation when he was inducted into the Speakers’ Hall of Fame.

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Freelancer’s Great Sales Proposal

As a freelancer you have always to write a sales proposal or at least emails that are a sales proposal in nature. What do you mention on your proposal? How do you explain your product or service to your prospect? How do you present yourself to your prospect? These are crucial questions that Miles Burke has answered on a blog post at SitePoint Blogs. I love that article and I am going to read that time and again for sure. The most significant thing I learned reading that article was this:

Sell benefits, not products. You may have a great content management system, email gateway, or other product, but talk about the benefits of these, not the product features.

Also, another great point to mention is this:

Conclude the proposal with a call to action. Don’t just end it with a price for the job. State what the terms are, and make it easy for the prospect to action the starting process. For example: “Send this page back, signed and dated, and we can commence immediately” is far better than a dollar figure on the last line.

Go to SitePoint and read full article. If you love it too, please let me know through a comment on my blog. Thanks ang good reading!

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