Top 10 Websites Where You Can Find a Paid Blogging Job

So you are looking for a blogging job, or you love to be an online writer/ blogger and make a living with it? Fine, let’s have a look at the following sites; they are a big chance to find what you are looking for.

1. BloggerJobs.Biz

This is a good start. BloggerJobs.Biz is a site which you should visit daily for the fact that it is updated almost daily. Go there and browse through. You can apply even for the past positions; there might be a chance and you do not lose anything.

2. Jobs.ProBlogger.Com

In the neat list of blogging jobs at ProBlogger.Com you might find for sure something that will suit you. List this to your favorites and check it as frequently as possible.

3. Performancing Blogger Jobs

This is a considerable list of blogging jobs to consider. Make sure to favorite it and check it frequently.

4. Indeed.Com

Search it as ‘blogger’ (or click the link above) and you will find yourself before a long list of blogging jobs. Good choice so check it out.

5. Jobster.Com

For short, do the same as at Indeed.Com.

6. SimplyHired.Com

Not difficult, try the same as above.

7. Forum.AuthorityBlogger.Com

In the Want, Need and Offer of the forum (click above) you will find a rich list of blogging jobs. Browse through and apply; there are really good offers.

8. Marketplace.SitePoint.Com

Of course, the largest marketplace in the world would be a good place to look at for a paid blogging job. Go at the ‘Looking to hire’ section of the MarketPlace and brows through the rich content; you will find a paid writing job there of sure.

9. Jobs.SmashingMagazine.Com

Another powerful resource for finding paid blogging jobs is the ‘Jobs’ section of Smashing Magazine. It is a more general job listing, but there are a lot quality blogger jobs for sure.

10. Jobs.WordPress.Net

The last and perhaps the best place to look for a paid blogging jobs would be the the WordPress jobs board. It has a specific category for writing jobs and as WordPress is the most widely spread blogging software, it is worth checking.

Good luck to all of you!