What’s Up?

Yeah, I am very busy, I know. However I managed to dedicate some time to my little cute blog. I did some code optimization work to improve the performance and speed. Also I rearranged the main top menu to improve accessibility to my content and also rearranged the footer of the site to make it more attractive to visitors eye. I hope you guys will spend less time browsing my blog and love it more.

WPlancer has at last a new WordPress freelance portfolio

After months of designing and coding WordPress blogs and websites, after months of offering consulting and support to my clients, I managed at last to put together some of my favorite web projects which would be called my portfolio. Struggling for time and rocking my mind about how my new portfolio page should look like, I decided at last that it should be a simple one and have the shape, look and feel that you can see now.

What is going on at wplancer?

I know that I have been very lasy at writing lately; the blog has been a target of dust; thanks to those who have like to have a look what is going on. Well, a lot has been going on on the background.