10 Bulletproof Strategies for Promoting Your Blog

Every blogger has to promote their blog to get into the market and reach their goals. Blog promotion might seem a little scary, but it is not that difficult to promote your blog. Find below ten promotion strategies that will work for you to make your blog well-known and profitable.

1. Write fresh, qualitative and unique content to make visitors read, comment and refer to your articles. Not only will worth-reading content keep visitors coming back, but it will make others come at your blog through referring links. Good articles will rise the authority of your blog and will make you a well-known author.

2. Post at regular bases to keep the interest of the visitors active and make them come back to get more form your blog. This will find it worthy to subscribe by email or get the RSS feed of your blog to stay tuned. And the most they subscribe and come back to your blog, the greater will your blog grow and so will your fame and revenue.

3. Interact with your visitors through fanatically responding to their comments. They will translate this into a welcome and will feel comfortable at your blog. Once you give them pleasure and make them feel important, you will have them come back, if not for your posts, for your good company. This is a good way to make keyboard (the time of pen is done) friends; remember. friends are there in good and bad times.

4. Comment in other blogs of the same niche regularly and try to say as much worthy comments as you can. This will make you an authoritative commenter out there and curiosity will push more and more people to visit your blog through the link under your commenting name. This will bring you a good number of visitors, including the blog owners. The same as you do with your commenters, don’t you? As a matter of fact this is a social give-and-take relationship.

5. Run a contest at your blog and give away some money, free ad space or something else valuable for bloggers. Make this in exchange to a blog post in their blog about the contest you are running or ask them to subscribe to RSS feeds or by email to your blog or both. This will boost your traffic and bring a lot of people at your blog. Remember, do not run a blog contest yet unless you have a good number of articles that visitors can browse through the content and not be the contest post the only post that they read.

6. Get your blog reviewed by someone who has a niche blog and offers blog reviews. Make sure you ask this to someone who has a well-known blog and gets a lot of traffic. Don’t forget that generally you get what you give, so prepare for different prices in different authority blogs. This will bring to your blog a lot of traffic and brand your blog a little bit out there.

7. Submit your blog into directories to have some extra traffic time and again by people interested in your niche. This is a good away to get traffic and it it mostly free, even though there are some payable directories. Choose what you think is best for you and submit.

8. Blogrolling, link and banner exchanging is another great way to get traffic. While blogrolling might be a natural result of your good content and/or the good friendship you have with other bloggers, you can always ask blog owners in whose blogs you have an interest for link exchanging or banner exchanging. I would consider this a very good way of promotion and branding. Also there are several sites out there that offer banner exchange so prepare some banners for your blog and go hunt there for niche blogs.

9. Use your blog URL in your signatures such as forum signatures and email ones. After you do that go posting in your preferred forums and reply to emails even to say thanks – thanking is virtue. This will be helpful.

10. Make use of relevant keywords and description Meta tags. Go to your template files in which case 99% you will be using WordPress so go directly to header.php file and edit the META keyword and META description with the right info about your blog. This will help you get indexed in search engines. Also, when posting a new post, make sure to chose the most piquant keywords of the post and submit them to the tags field just below the post text area. The tags will be individually indexed by Google, isn’t this a great news.

Now move you lazy guy, get to work to implement these strategies and boost your traffic, your income and your authority out there. Good luck and do not even think to NOT give me a feedback of what you read here; this would be the implementation of strategy number 4, right?