I’m Sad to See WordPress Themes Using Tables

When I decided to begin a new project of mine, Open Book Critic, for time reasons, I just browsed the WordPress Themes Directory, typed ‘book’ in the search and some four or five themes appeared in the results. I chose one, NoteBook 1.0 theme. Well, my intention was that this would be a temporary theme, until I would find some time to design and code one myself. That is why I was not interested in retouching the code. Well, this did not change until my fiancee had a look at Open Book Critic and decided to have that same template for the site of her new English teaching center ‘Smart Center‘. And here begins the sad story.

Expect that I had to give up from my original theme for Smart Center, I had to redesign the template in Inkscpe as it had to be my fiancée’s favorite color, pink. For this reason I had a look at the xhtml/css code to grasp the designing manner. Well, this was the most bitter part; I came across with a painful TABLE-TR-TD mosaic. This made me pessimistic.

To make the situation less terrible, I begun to rewrite the xhtml/css from the beginning, following another layout principle with the image layout. And you can have a look at it at Smart Center and another at Open Book Critic to see the difference in look and in code. The look is almost the same, but the code very very different.

So, if you are someone who uses table-based design user, try to keep up with web standards and new tech. Make a Google search and don’t get back look back; tables belong to the past. And than none will dare to call you a terrible person.