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10 Websites Where You Can Find Web Design and Developement Jobs

When I begun my web design freelance career and had not any faithful or returning client if mine, I was often in the position of job/project searcher, so I browsed through many sites searching for a job or project. During these experiences, I have collected an handful of job listing sites, not bidding ones (which I hate) and I have listed them below for you, with respective description for each one. I hope you will find this post helpful and I will you all the best with your freelance or full-time job.

1. Freelance Switch Jobs

The perfect job listing site for every freelancer. It is a very rich job listing site. It is a little different form other jobs listing site as there the employer lists the advert for free whereas the freelancer has to pay a little money per month to have access at the contact of the employer, just $7 per month. They say this makes it possible for less freelancers to apply for jobs, but I am afraid this statement has made to many to subscribe. Make a try yourself.

2. WordPress Jobs

Perhaps this is not the most appropriate to be listed the second, but it has helped me a lot to find many projects, so I am paying her (metaphor) back. You will find there a lot of WordPress-oriented jobs. I presume that every web designer and developer knows WordPress, is aware that it is invading the web. There you can find programming and designing jobs, which means that it is not a must to know WordPress very well, to find a job there.

3. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a great place to find freelance and full-time web related jobs. They are quite expensive on companies that list their job requirements there and my own impression is that there you can find great jobs and you must be a well prepared web person to chosen. They say that since 2005 they have been listing in their site jobs form big and well known companies such as t, The Motley Fool, Turner Sports Interactive, ESPN, Phinney Bischoff, Garmin, Sony BMG and many others.

4. Fresh Web Jobs

This is another good web jobs listing site. There, expect the fact that you can find good jobs you can even register and make this as a job central where you can collect jobs from other sites that you are interested. As I use Google Reader for this purpose, I did not explore completely this feature, but if you are interested you can do it yourself. If not, Make sure to bookmark the page in your favorite way so you can come and search for jobs whenever you need or like to.

5. Krop.Com

Krop is a neat job listing site, not saying much of itself in word, leads you to deduct its importance and power form its content and look. You will find there a long list of web jobs that vary from web designers and developers to directors of tech and so on. You won’t want to miss a bit of it.

6. Smashing Magazine Jobs

At Smashing Magazine jobs you can find a proper job for yourself. It lists quite professional jobs, the kind of Krop does. It is part of a great online design-oriented magazine and you can profit even of the its content. You do not have any reason to miss it.

7. SitePoint Marketplace

At SitePoint’ Marketplace, a great website for designer and developers, there is a section named ‘Looking to Hire’. There are frequent web jobs. I have found many jobs there and I have found it to have great potential. Do not forget to subscribe even here an see if it is good for you.

8. ReadWriteWeb Jobs

The Read/WriteWeb job board provides job opportunities for Web Technology and New Media professionals, at startups and tech firms all over the world. At least this is what they say. If you find yourself very professional and are looking for a professional carrier in a big tech firm, go there and have a look.

9. Slashdot Jobs

They say that they connect 9 million IT professionals and developers on Slashdot, SourceForge,, Freshmeat, IT Managers Journal and Newsforge with the companies looking for the brightest minds in the technology industry. Very impressive; don’t lose the chance.

10. 37signals Jobs

They say that companies such as The New York Times, CNET, Facebook, Adobe, Trek, and American Express use their job board. Another chance not to lose. Go there and explore it yourself.

What I do:

I have subscribed to the RSS of all this sites and read them every time I need another project. When I find something I for me, I just apply; it is simple.

You can make this list longer adding sites at the comment section and contributing to the community. Or you can give me a feedback about how you found the article; it would be very encouraging form me.

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How do you like my new domain name?

I have lately changed my domain form to Well, you might like to hear some explanation about this decision of mine.

As a matter of fact I am against changing the domain name of a established site because the content is already indexed in the search engines and you will loose the traffic coming from them. However, I decided to change my domain name because I found more pro arguments out there. Find some below please:

  1. My past domain had a spelling error because of my dyslexic nature – however, I made use of it.
  2. My past domain name was meant to have another niche form what it switched to.
  3. My new domain describes better my niche.
  4. My new domain is cute.

This is it. I would love your opinion about my decision and my new domain. Thanks a lot!

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10 Bulletproof Strategies for Promoting Your Blog

Every blogger has to promote their blog to get into the market and reach their goals. Blog promotion might seem a little scary, but it is not that difficult to promote your blog. Find below ten promotion strategies that will work for you to make your blog well-known and profitable.

1. Write fresh, qualitative and unique content to make visitors read, comment and refer to your articles. Not only will worth-reading content keep visitors coming back, but it will make others come at your blog through referring links. Good articles will rise the authority of your blog and will make you a well-known author.

2. Post at regular bases to keep the interest of the visitors active and make them come back to get more form your blog. This will find it worthy to subscribe by email or get the RSS feed of your blog to stay tuned. And the most they subscribe and come back to your blog, the greater will your blog grow and so will your fame and revenue.

3. Interact with your visitors through fanatically responding to their comments. They will translate this into a welcome and will feel comfortable at your blog. Once you give them pleasure and make them feel important, you will have them come back, if not for your posts, for your good company. This is a good way to make keyboard (the time of pen is done) friends; remember. friends are there in good and bad times.

4. Comment in other blogs of the same niche regularly and try to say as much worthy comments as you can. This will make you an authoritative commenter out there and curiosity will push more and more people to visit your blog through the link under your commenting name. This will bring you a good number of visitors, including the blog owners. The same as you do with your commenters, don’t you? As a matter of fact this is a social give-and-take relationship.

5. Run a contest at your blog and give away some money, free ad space or something else valuable for bloggers. Make this in exchange to a blog post in their blog about the contest you are running or ask them to subscribe to RSS feeds or by email to your blog or both. This will boost your traffic and bring a lot of people at your blog. Remember, do not run a blog contest yet unless you have a good number of articles that visitors can browse through the content and not be the contest post the only post that they read.

6. Get your blog reviewed by someone who has a niche blog and offers blog reviews. Make sure you ask this to someone who has a well-known blog and gets a lot of traffic. Don’t forget that generally you get what you give, so prepare for different prices in different authority blogs. This will bring to your blog a lot of traffic and brand your blog a little bit out there.

7. Submit your blog into directories to have some extra traffic time and again by people interested in your niche. This is a good away to get traffic and it it mostly free, even though there are some payable directories. Choose what you think is best for you and submit.

8. Blogrolling, link and banner exchanging is another great way to get traffic. While blogrolling might be a natural result of your good content and/or the good friendship you have with other bloggers, you can always ask blog owners in whose blogs you have an interest for link exchanging or banner exchanging. I would consider this a very good way of promotion and branding. Also there are several sites out there that offer banner exchange so prepare some banners for your blog and go hunt there for niche blogs.

9. Use your blog URL in your signatures such as forum signatures and email ones. After you do that go posting in your preferred forums and reply to emails even to say thanks – thanking is virtue. This will be helpful.

10. Make use of relevant keywords and description Meta tags. Go to your template files in which case 99% you will be using WordPress so go directly to header.php file and edit the META keyword and META description with the right info about your blog. This will help you get indexed in search engines. Also, when posting a new post, make sure to chose the most piquant keywords of the post and submit them to the tags field just below the post text area. The tags will be individually indexed by Google, isn’t this a great news.

Now move you lazy guy, get to work to implement these strategies and boost your traffic, your income and your authority out there. Good luck and do not even think to NOT give me a feedback of what you read here; this would be the implementation of strategy number 4, right?

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What do you think about my new design?

This posts covers my first design. I have redesigned my site and hopefully this will have its own post very soon.

During this days, being very busy on my freelance web and blog design tasks, I have dedicated some hours to my new design for my blog too. I tried to have something neat and working. What you can see now is what I managed to do. I know very well that this is not a perfect theme, so I need your much appreciated suggestions and help to get it as near as possible to being a perfect theme i terms of design and accessibility.

Color Combination: I would like to be discussed is the color combination. How do you find it? Is it eye-friendly? What about the background, do you think it should have a color, or it is alright?

Images: What do you thing about the images? Is there something that needs to be removed or something that needs to be there and is not? what about the actual images design, how do you like them?

Sidebar: I do not like the sidebar myself, however I need some suggestion how to get it better as I cannot do much now that I am tired. A good question would be: what needs to be there and what needs to be removed? but this is not the only topic to suggest about.

Monetization: As you can see a have monetized the blog. How do you find the placement of the ads? Do you have any suggestion?

This is all. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all.

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Minimalist WordPress Theme Development

When I began to explore the WordPress theme code at my beginnings with WordPress, I came across a problem that I could solve only after a while. At that time I had no idea of minimalist web design, yet I wanted to stick to a minimalist web development habit, i.e. code less and have less files. While coding less can be grasped immediately as a saver of time, bugs and nerves, minimalist design is harder to understand in nature as it has to do more with arts. Even though now I am able to color some pixels on the screen about minimalist web design, it is not what I intend to discuss here. I want to share with you what I kept for a invention at the time my PHP grasp was very immature.

It was the case when I wanted to have most WordPress template files reduced in one as the case of the classic WordPress theme. In other words, I wanted to use only the index.php file which would do the role of home.php, singe.php, page.php etc. But I wanted to have a default excerpt option for all of them except singe.php and page.php. This made me have an hard coding time, but the pleasure of solving it was great. My “invention” is below:

<?php if ( is_single() || is_page()  ) {
} else {
} ?>

That’s it. I just wanted to share this with you and why not be a little helpful. I would love your feedback. Please, drop me a line. Thanks!

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